Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

May your new year be full of miracles!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holy guacamole! I just realized that I am at 97 sales on my etsy site! And as a thank you to all my gypsy etsyians I am offering free shipping on the 97th, 98th, 99th and 100th sales Thanks again to everyone!

sorry but I can only offer free shipping to US only

Monday, December 28, 2009

....and the move is on~

Just a short post to share the studio that I'm on winter break I can finally begin the moving , or should I say, shuffling.  So I am closing my brick and mortar shop, moving my studio and etys/web site "headquarters" to the 3rd floor of my house and going a bit mad trying to coordinate this....I don't know if I should hatch a chicken or lay an egg....which one comes first? Wait I'm not even a chicken....

I think I have just about everything I'm keeping from the shop moved upstairs but I still have this much more in the old studio....

My studio pets are looking bit confused as they watch me spin and move and scratch my head.
oh boy.....
I think it's time for a giant glass of yummy red wine and a break.
Thanks for peaking in......

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Elf Story.....VCM No. 5

Well I this will be the last VCM before the "big day" so, I saved the "big collection" until last. 
This is my ginormous collection of Panoonies....panoonies? you say, what in the heck is a panoonie? In my world in my head that's what they're called. 

Here's how it all began. My sister and I, who is much like me in the imagination department, lived in our own little world growing up. We would create a whole fantasy story around any object that we found of interest....well, the lucky object on that day was the  knee hugger elf sitting a top the delicate plastic berries, of the gold glittered bell, of the fake mistletoe hanging in the living room doorway of my parents house. I distinctly remember the day we discovered the little fellow and thinking that he couldn't be an elf, they're only in the North somehow we came up with the name panoonie. Since that day in the early 70's that is what they've been known least in my family...
Well, you all know how it goes from there...a family faux pas, becomes a little inside joke, then becomes a silly little gift until it becomes a full blown every year my sis and I exchange Panoonies and slip them to eachother whenever we find them.
I bring you panoonie ville.

This is a very special Christmas for my guys  they are very excited because as of yesterday they have a new mayor....Judi of the vintage hope chest, sent me the best gift giveaway of all....a leader for my elves....he's larger than life and already they've gathered for his inauguration.  They gang says thanks Judi.....and happy VCM to all! and to our wonderful host Joan thank you for bringing us all together to share our vintage Christmas  memories and treasures.......wishing everyone has a blessed Merry Christmas~

      The new mayor!
 Don't forget to join the Silver Sunday party list starting the first Sunday of the New Year.....

Big Snow!!! Big Surprise!!

Happy snowy Sunday I jus had to share....this is what we woke up to this morning.

Yesterday was the wicked storm and today is the quiet result. One last frozen rose and 18" or more of the white fluffy stuff.....

and to make it even better I got a package delivered from Judi of the Vintage Hope Chest yesterday.
I totally forgot I won her blog giveaway and that's what made it even more swe e e e e et!

It was like my very own private Christmas day.....her generosity was as generous as our snow fall.

My box just spilled out vintage goodness....however, I did leave out a picture of the best goodie of'll see him tomorrow on my VCM post.  Ohhhh he's so perfect that's all I can say for now!
Thank you Judi, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here's the key...make a list it really works.......

When I realized the date today I almost fainted! ONLY 10 days left,...I'm just not ready! So I sat down and made my own list, not a naughty or nice list but a BIG FAT GINORMOUS "to do" list.  Hmmm...although it's a whole page long maybe, it's not so bad when you break it down. Of course I added strange things like, have salad for lunch tomorrow, dump the old potatos that are growing things in the cabinet, put away my laundry,put a turkey breast in the crock pot at 8am, make another list for Christmas Eve you believe I have to make a list for that stuff? I do! but when I simply  throw away the old potatos instead of thinking about throwing them away everytime I open the cabinet,  I get to scratch it off the list and that feels really good. So to all my harried and busy friends...just make a list and be sure to put some really dumb easy things on it....the list fairy will be very proud of you as you scribble off,one by one, each and every little thing. Then, before you know'll be finished and enjoying a BIG, FAT, GINORMOUS glass of red wine on Christmas eve!...I'm off to toss out potatos!

PS Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends,Check out my etsy shop and  please enjoy free shipping until Dec. 20th on anything under $20 if you mention my blog in a convo when you buy..Merry Christmas and thanks for reading the ramblings from my head.......

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pretty Little Putz

Did I mention that  I have another little addiction....I can quit this at anytime, really!
I love little houses and country churches...

There's something so quaint and comforting about a little meeting house out in the country or back in the woods.  I have a few wooden churches as well....I keep them nestled in my forest of bottle brush trees so the pinecone elves and gnomes have a place to meet an celebrate the season..

 Have a Merry VCM!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bristley Bottle Brush Love!

"Hi my name is Beth and I'm a bottle brush tree addict" there I said it!

Somewhere, somehow I started a small collection of bottle brush trees, "aren't they sweet?" "look they're featured in Mary Englelbreit's Home Companion" "don't they look cute in a group?" ....and so it began.....
" look I found one on ebay
"look I found one at the flea",
 " oh my found this one at good will", "hey there's wreaths too?",
 "wow I bought 12 today","I can stop really, I can go a whole week without searching for them",
"gosh I better get another tote for them"
"I spent the whole day today looking for bottle brush trees on ebay, forgot to take a shower, feed the kids, get them dressed",
"Holy crap I have how many?"
" I know I can get in and out of the flea before work, I'm only looking for trees",
" What I  have how many?"
"I'll do anything just get me another tree", "I need another tote!"
......get the picture? I guess what they say is true...sometime it only takes one...

Happy VCM sure to check out our party hostess Joan's  blog .

Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Here's my contribution to Vintage Chistmas being dubbed VCM...
Just the tip of the iceburg of my collection of vintage dimestore glittery goodies....

these little guys are standing outside playing their little hearts out ringing in the Christmas cheer and spirit....
Happy VCM!

PS don't forget to sign up for Silver Sunday starts in January...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

CYBER MONDAY starts tonight at my etsy shop! All large furniture has been marked down $100 through midnight tomorrow!  I've reduced the prices and am giving a shout out to all who inquire and think twice because of the crazy shipping rates they's your chance to save. And don't forget we will deliver to the NY, Philly region, convo. for rates......
Happy  Cyber Monday!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Silver Sunday

Wow! I 've already had several responses to Silver Sunday so we might as well get this party started....and begin the guest list.

You've got plenty of time to gather and photograph your tinseled treasures the party doesn't start unitl Sunday January 3rd 2010. 
Slide me a comment and I'll add you the list.....then relax until after New Years!
PS Don't forget to snag the button for your blog......

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Final VBF

Wow! Is it vintage black friday already? I know,  I know, it's really Thanksgiving but I thought I would do my post a little early so I can wish you all a Happy and Gracious Thanksgiving day. Also, I don't want to risk missing the final day of VBF tomorrw just in case I don't wake from my Turkey coma early enough to post.

I absolutely love this vintage prize ribbon! I found it tucked away in an old totally awesome!  Check out the detail in the fringe and in the star at the top.  You won't believe this but,  upon studying it closer I realized that it says, "Congratulations to Gypsy Fish for winning the VBF giveaway" .Yes, yes, that's what it translates to.....  It must have belonged to forturne telling gypsies from 1908, otherwise how could that be?  Oops,  there I go again,  living in my own I've created my own special language...ha ha wink, wink!
Seriously though,Thanks so much Jill for hosting VBF it's been a blast of  vintage fun.....and inspiration!