Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just stopping in to say "hey!"

Just wanted to stop in and share what I've been working on with my NEW camera and the bits of new found time since the Christmas rush is through.
I've been holding up in the studio especially since we had a fair amount of snow dump out of the sky on Sunday night here in NJ. Had an urge to create so I just disappeared  all day Monday and stayed in my pj's woo hoo......nothing better than coffee, studio, music and pj's allllll day long!
I got to finally use the new G12(love it love it love it) today and photograph the fruits of yesterday's labor  for my etsy shop....hope you like.

Have a safe and joyous New Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silver Sunday in NYC

 ~Welcome to December Silver Sunday~
We jumped on a shiny silver greyhound (bus) and traveled a quick hour and half and landed smack dab in the middle of the shiniest city in world...NYC.

First stop before sleep..Bryant Park

We started our Bright and shiny morning at Old Good Things
.....flew across town to ABC Home

I know this isn't silver but I just had to share ....
 We came across this super shabby pair at ABC which I found very curious.  As most of you know I am soooo not into perfection, old worn and love pieces are right up my alley ....however, I think this is taking it to the extreme..... 
.....then I saw the price!
Oh, the matching chair was a mere 1095.00 in case you're interested......
Well, after a bit of sticker shock and a quick cup of coffee 
we stopped in at Anthropologie for a bit of fun
...now I know what to do with all those radiators we have left from the renovations.
 off to SoHo for a little Shabby Chic Couture...

I fell in love with these little vintage paper bells at Shabby Chic!  What an awesome place. I think I could have just lived there!  Have a wonderful Silver Sunday be sure to check out the rest of the party goers posts.
May you have nothing but peace and love throughout the holidays......

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

  Feels like it's been so long since I've posted anything with substance on my blog .....so why start now,  except to say that I am sorry! Bad blogging is becoming a bad habit for me. I never seem to comment back to any of you, I'm always posting on the fly ....so I am making my New Years Resolution early this year....get on the blog-wagon and start being a better blogger.Ahhh, now that I've made my resolution early I should have just enough time to get through the holidays and rev up for some bloggy conversastions, posts with substance, meaning and humor and most of all replies to the supportive and wonderful comments you all leave me.
So mark my words, as a promise to you all I WILL be a better blogger in 2011!
Until then I will try my best to check in as much as possible.... 

Here's what I've been up to (not that this is an excuse) but along with the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday....I have been blessed with another order from Anthropologie for another design...whoopee.So off I go to package and ship....tra la la....
ABC Home
PS  Taking a little break and going up to NYC with my Gypsy Princess this weekend where I will surely find some fab shots for the next Silver Sunday December 12. Til then.....have a great week!  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday!
Hoping all of you had wonderous and magical Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.
Today I'm taking advantage of a little time off to load up my etsy shop....

Just for you I am offering 25% off everything in my etsy shop now through Cyber Monday
Just enter coupon code CYBRGYPSY at checkout!
I will be adding new things throughout the next 3 days so check back often all weekend long! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

.....must get to Silver Sunday, must not be late!
Whew! I made it almost had a slip up and missed the date!
Speaking of "slip ups" how about a pair or two or three of vintage silver slippers?

not so sure about these....however cement and silver make quite the statement together!

Perfect for a a Silver Sunday outing or any old time your feeling like you might need a little bling in your step.
Have a wonderful weekend....and be sure to check out all the other silver goodness this week.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big, beautiful, whimsical and fun....so right up my ally. Just found a link for a sneak peak at the new anthropologie catalog click here to check it out.   
Top hats, giant chickens and oversized keys.....makes my heart swoon. 
....actually spotting my necklaces ....just added to the surrealism of it all.
I think I'll be spending a lot of time paging through this one making a very looooonnnngggg Christmas list!
Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We'll be hanging on the porch at the
stop by for a visit........
Monday October 25th 6-9pm
food and drinks

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Silver Sunday

Silver Sunday Texas Style
Texas was so inspiring so I thought it apropos to share some lovely Texas silver this month.

I wish I knew who's phenominal work this was....I really wanted to take this home with me....ahhh silver love lost.

........do oyster shells count...not so sure about this one

My sweet gypsy princess swimming in silver.

....oh and for all you Texas gals wondering what Mr. Fish (aka Earl) looks like, here's my silver fox hanging at the flea with me last summer....thanks for joining in and be sure to visit all the other Silver Sunday Sistas donning their fanciful, glitteing silver.