Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Silver Sunday

Silver Sunday Texas Style
Texas was so inspiring so I thought it apropos to share some lovely Texas silver this month.

I wish I knew who's phenominal work this was....I really wanted to take this home with me....ahhh silver love lost. oyster shells count...not so sure about this one

My sweet gypsy princess swimming in silver.

....oh and for all you Texas gals wondering what Mr. Fish (aka Earl) looks like, here's my silver fox hanging at the flea with me last summer....thanks for joining in and be sure to visit all the other Silver Sunday Sistas donning their fanciful, glitteing silver.


  1. Hi Beth,

    that give to me an impresion of Christmas with all this sparkle and gleam. I can imagine how you enjoyed this tour. Thank you for this wonderful pictures.
    Greetings, Johanna

  2. Wow, tons of silver everywhere. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh your Silver Sunday is SO SPECTACULAR!!! I would LOVE it all! I have only a humble hint of Silver this month. BUT it is my favorites...
    Your post is WONDERFUL!!!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Enjoyed seeing the Texas silver - Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Beth ~ Happy SS! Wow ~ where to begin? The trays, mirrors, teapots. Can it be that silver is even more beautiful in Autumns light?

  6. Beth, glad you and the princess got to Texas for this show. I'm sad we never connected, but hopefully some day our paths will cross. I'll be in touch about one of your girls. I've been out of town and trying to get myself organized for a dinner party and a meeting I'm hosting in my home this week. I seem to be lacking inspiration to get my Halloween things out and about the way I want them this year. Have to work with what I have all the while seeing so much inspiration in Blogville for ideas I'd like to incorporate.
    Have a great Sunday. Thanks for hosting Silver Sunday each month.
    ~ Sarah

  7. I especially loved the pouring teapot picture. I think it's amazing! Thank you for hosting SS.


  8. What a Great Silver Post Beth.... I Love all the Wonderful Treasures ~ Thanks for Sharing
    Have a Great Weekend

  9. I love your site and your blog! Those are Stunning Silver Treasures from your Texas Travels. I agree with Sarah, Thank you for your great blog and hosting Silver Sunday. And I'm excited that I'm participating for the first time!

  10. Hi Beth
    What a gorgeous array of silver... I would have gone a little nuts!!! thanks so much for sharing your pics with us poor souls who live too far away!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday... I'll be back to visit all your lovely participants tomorrow.. xxx Julie

  11. Hi Beth, I made it to the party! Thank you soooo much for the wonderful gift certificate and darling necklace. (I was hoping for one!!!).
    Thanks for always a great party!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  12. beautiful. I love old silver so, so much.

  13. Such beautiful silver! Makes me drool for more...

  14. Hi Beth,
    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I love all of the sparkle! I was so excited I got to participate in Silver Sunday today, I haven't gotten to join since last December. Glad to be back! When is the Christmas Anthro catalog coming out with your wonderful creations? I'll have to pick one up. Congratulations on your success!!
    Have a great day.

  15. WOW, Texas silver! I want it!!!!! After many months of voyeurism, I finally did my own SS post.
    Thanks for many enjoyable Sundays.

  16. What beautiful, dreamy silver pics! I especially love the teapot in the frame. Today is my 1st Silver Sunday post and I'm so thrilled to be participating.

  17. This Earl sure looks different than the Earl you showed us a picture of. Are you sure you're still married to the same Earl? Ha ha, what are the chances of marrying another Earl.

  18. Lucky you to have a silver fox to hang around with at he flea markets.

  19. You lucky girl that you were able to see all this in person. How inspiring!

    Thanks for hosting.


  20. Anything that sparkles catches my eye! *wink*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. Thanks for visiting and so sorry to be so late getting back to you our wonderful host! Geez! There are lots of pretty lovelies here, I can see why you enjoyed this trip. I really like the frame w/pitcher and small pic too! But my favorite is all those beads and baubles in the glass jars. That ones very intriguing to me!

  22. It all came and went to fast! Longing to spend more time with you gals!

  23. Hello over there Beth....!

    I hope this note finds you well....! I just wanted to pop in & say THANK YOU & to let you know I ADORE IT & will TREASURE it always....!!

    Now you may well be forgiven for being confused & wondering WHO in the heck I am & WHAT in the heck I'm talking about....hahahahahaha....!!

    To give you a little background so I don't come off sounding TOTALLY crazy, I recently attended Antique Week at Round Top / Warrenton & was at the bog party held by the GORGEOUS Theresa Cano....While I was there I was the FORTUNATE recipient of a sweet package compliments of the 'Boutiques of the French Cupboard'....I was TICKLED at the time to receive such a generous gift & popped it in my bag with a GOOFY smile on my face thinking to myself that I would open it when I got back to my hotel in Brenham later that evening....!

    Well I was LATE getting back to the hotel & as I was flying out the NEXT DAY, I carefully packed my sweet parcel into my carry on luggage telling myself I would open it AS SOON AS I arrived home....

    Well to cut a long rambling story short, I've just opened the package today & I am DROP DEAD in AWE of all the little Treasures inside....My heart is ESPECIALLY taken with the EXQUISITE necklace you so GENEROUSLY provided....WOW....I make jewellery myself but it is rather clumsy, junky stuff prepared to the delicate nature of your piece....I don't know if you provided a varied range for these gift bags so if you did, to remind you....I was LUCKY enough to score a small soldered piece with a tiny scrap of lace pressed between the glass with a PERFECTLY rusted key with a piece of lace tied to it....I ADORE IT....!! The YUMMY little hessian bag it was presented in was the PERFECT finishing touch....!

    What a CLEVER, THOUGHTFUL & BEAUTIFUL marketing exercise....You have WON me over for sure.... :o) !!!

    I've saved you as a FAVE on my blog so I can keep an eye on your adventures & am looking to visiting your DROP DEAD GORGEOUS designs in your Etsy Store.....!!!!

    I have some errands to run but will pop back this evening for a thorough read of your blog with a glass (or three) of wine & will pop in to visit with the other CLEVER gals....!!

    Have a FABULOUS weekend....!

    Cheers & THANKS from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  24. OMG, your silver is just gorgeous. I love the way you have it all grouped together... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  25. Love all your silver pics... especially that necklace! and the teapot altered art! wow! I missed your party this month, but am still visiting all the wonderful silver posts. :) mercedes

  26. i love your blog!! i just stumbled across it.

    i'm going to start following you..will you follow me too??

    have a good day! xx

  27. this is great! I do love silver....

  28. Wow, I love all of your silver pics, especially the teapot assemblage. I guess it's better to have silver-loved-and-lost than never to have silver-loved at all.....


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