Thursday, August 25, 2011

Decorating with Maps

  I got inspired by  this week's reels of newscasts showing maps, predicting hurricanes and reporting earthquakes, and thought, "how about decorating with them?".  You know, the old roll down type on yummy crackled canvas?  
  Here's  just a few ideas I found, while cruising my latest addiction Pinterest,

ahhhh....that set my creativity right back on course.
If you feel inspired and want to give it a try we'll  have several available at the Gypsy Market this Saturday.  Hope you can stop by.....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silver Queen Silver Sunday

Nothing I mean NJ Corn.
We'll be hittin' the road on Silver Sunday heading to the beaches of the garden state.

We'll be grabbing some Silver Queen Corn, en route, at my favorite stand Red Top Market. It's the halfway point between home and the shore, at least that's what my parents told us growing up as we stared out the back window of our 1970's station wagon whining...."are we there yet?". 
Living in NJ does have a few perks especially during the summer months of abundant and fresh fruits and veggies and quick spur of the moment trips to the beach. 
I'm  so spoiled, to be able to run up the street locally to my other fav. corn hot spot and grab corn, red juicy 'maters or peaches whenever I please and believe me that's quite often. 
What's your favorite summer veggie or fruit.  
Have a wonderful silver sunday and be sure to hunt down some sweet summer silver queen then check out the other silver sistas.