Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Spy......

Looky looky.....what I spied with my big green eyes!
I didn't put on snow boots today for the first time in about 3 weeks...thought about flip flops but I thought that might be rushing things a bit. So as I went out to fill the bird feeders I noticed a little green clump poking out from some leftover snow, and there they were, stretching for the sun and staring me right in the eye...daffodils!

The more I looked the more I found...peeking their sleepy heads out of the snow and left over leaves.
This is the first time I've seen my fish boy in weeks he's been covered in an icy blanket of white crystal snow for what seems like forever....not so sure I should admit this on  a public forum but, I was so excited to see him I hust had to wave at him. Don't worry he didn't wave back.

Deciding to document this spring preview  I circled around to go back in and get my camera 
when, whoosh! a robin zoomed by! So, in case any of you were feeling as if winter will never end it's now  official, no matter what the weather man predicts, Spring is really on it's way.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have a couple little announcements....I'm joining the gals at The French Cupboard
Look for me in the boutique section in the next few days.
I'm meshing in my gypsy style with all the wonderful unique treasures offered here.
...and stay tuned to their blog I will be sharing a few of my
"off school"  escapades on the Vintage Journal this summer.
and now the ramble...
As I sat here all day trying to come up with an appropriate button to show off my unique style...I came to realize....this is not going to be the "piece of cake" I thought it was. Granted I do know that I am a bit off kilter in my taste but, to have to come up with just one picture to grab the attention of potential customers was a bit of an excercise in marketing and self discovery.    I sifted through all my photographs trying to come up with just one. Rustic and dark, chippy and nordic chic...light and airy, florals or not... funky and wierd...I seem to encompass all of that.  
I couldn't even figure on color or black and white....
 I can't even tell you how many prototypes I made before deciding on this one and I'm still not quite sure it suits my eclectic style. So here's the final button, light, airy, rustic, lacy floral and a bit wrinkled....
thanks for reading my rambling....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Button Button Who's Got the Button?

...or as my daughter liked to quote "Well bust my buttons!" (she was five when she burst out with that one straight from the Wizard of Oz) In preparation for some big announcements I've been going button crazy updating my website, blog and etsy shop. Fresh new Spring Gypsy style buttons......

......and to top off a great day, I just found out I won a copy of the new Flea Market Style Magazine from Anne at Fiona and Twig....thanks Anne!  Now if I could just win the lottery...hmmmm?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Who knew?

When the sky is gray and the air is cold and the days wear on something starts to stir in me....the need to feed the junkin' urge...but alas where do you go? what do you do? Go to the flea, no matter where, no matter what, despite the weather there's one somewhere for die-hards just like me.  I start to him and haw, check the temp, check the weather then that naggin voice whispering "but what if it's a good day and  you miss some really good stuff?" starts to get louder....then scramble mode starts to set in and then you give in in response to the voices in my head I strapped on my boots, put the car in 4 wheel drive donning  a beautiful green wool hat and my crappy glasses (because I can't wear my contacts for a few more days until my eyes are better) I sped off the the flea where I met my best junkin' buddy at the starting gate and off we went. 

We parked in the snow, trudged through mud, put on our gloves, lost our gloves, found our gloves and dug and dug until our hearts after box!

We both ended up with a stash worthy of a beautiful sunny spring day smack dab in the middle of flea season! Here's what I found....
We only squabbled over a few breaking the "wait for me to go to the next spot" rule and Jill "going backwards when I wasnt looking and getting good stuff"rule....but other than that it was muddy fun!


Who knew a puddle filled lot filled with melting snow, soggy boxes, complaining vendors and freezing winds could be so blissfully intoxicating ....oh yeah that's right the voice inside my head knew....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ok so maybe I've got the Spring cleaning bug a little early or maybe it 's just cabin fever....who knows but I definetly took advantage of 2 snow days last week and now, surprise 3 more days off this week Love wearing contacts but not loving it when they scratch my eye.  So with blurred vision and determination I destashed , photographed,revamped and designed a few more pieces of jewelry.
All of these photos are available at my etsy shop in destash lots.

I finally had time to design with my German Doll heads....I just love these! I spent so much time trying to make these lovelies into wearable art keeping it simple yet fun to  I mixed a bit of soldering and wire work...and added a few other vintage elements (yummy chandelier crystals)...

Next step finish my dang studio re-do.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the winner is........

Congratulations !!!!....'re the lucky winner of the Silver Sunday Giveaway!!!
You're a tried and true Silver Sunday Sista....thank you so much for your participation and creative and unique contributions to Silver Sunday!

Season One was so inspirational and I thank each and everyone of you who participated...

Now, everybody let's get ready for season 2 and get this party started!!!!!!
I wish I has some silver valentine hearts but alas...I've been crazy busy  finding a winner for the SS giveaway
so this is my Silver Sunday post.....and Happy Valentines Day

his silly glittered castle is our Valentines's Day Castle. The kids and I made it years ago during a snow storm. I think cupid and the Valentine fairy live here.
I try to bring it out every's getting a little worse from wear...perhaps I need to call Castle Windows and Siding to fix it up  with a  fresh coat of silver glitter.....see you next month!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Silver Sunday Giveaway Final Chance

Ok Silver Sunday Sistas and it is, the Silver Sunday Giveaway Goodies..
It's your last chance to enter so jump on the Gypsy Bandwagon and become a follower for yet another chance to win....
The winner will be drawn first thing Sunday morning..I 've been busy compiling your chances all week and boy alot of you have been just so creative and loyal party goers with tons of chances adding have until midnight tonight to become a follower or leave a comment and get more chances thrown in the pot or should I say silver compote.....
you'll receive: sugar bowl with pretty succuculant, silver candle snufter, mercury glass  giant tear drop hanger and a scrabble tile necklace (made by me) with your initial. Have fun and good luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Trying to Get a little Spring in my step......

Just wanted to give you all a little update......I'm calculating all of your chances for the giveaway, getting to all your fantastic posts this week and leaving comments to each and everyone, I've added tons of more stuff to the etsy shop and been trudging throught the snow, snow and more snow here in the N. East it's just crazy!
See you next week for Silver Sunday......grab the new button and join the party!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feelin' the Silver Sunday Love

(Happy to Design, Filigree Moon, Faded Charm)

Welcome to the final Silver Sunday (Season One)
This has been such a warm, toasty way to spend the past few cold and chilly weeks of winter!
 I just wanted to share all the love I've felt over the past 6 weeks....this has been huge mountains of fun as well as a pirate sized bounty of silver! I've met so many new bloggy friends. You're all absolutely, positvely amazing and creative! 

(Treasures from the Heeart, Carol Maynard, Mamie Janes, Junk Dreams, Junxtaposition, 52 Flea, Enchaned Bella,)

As I perused through all of your post again trying to snag a few of my personal favs to highlight this wee ( I had a really rough time of it) I ended up with just about every photo posted then my computer began to cough and sputter from so many downloads.. So in a quandry of having to choose (I hate to make these kind of choices...) I ended up asking my Perfect Prince to pick out the ones he liked...(totally impartial right?, as perfect as he is, a 15yr old young man is completely random right?) Well, he had a difficult time as well "mom, they're all silver and pretty cool, just put them all up" Gee, thanks for your help PP. So finally we just closed our eyes and here are my random choices of Silver Sunday Seasnon One!

Please enjoy this recap  and be sure to scroll down for the giveaway details....
(Sweet Nothings,Vintage Blue Studio, Anything Goes Here, My Hearts Ease, I am dreaming of Castles, Blessed Mom Simple Home, Gypsy Brocante, Saving Time in the Kitchen, Being Ruby, My Trinkets, Counting Your Blessings, The Lazy Peacock, Vintage Christine, All Things Home, The Vintage Attic)

(612 Riverside, Bailiwick Designs, Domestic Witch, Embrace Your Bliss, Gracie Jewelry, Hyancinths For the Soul, Lili M's Adventures, Red Felted Heart,)

To earn chances for the Silver Sunday's the (silver) scoop:

1.You will receive 1 chance for every week you participated.

2. Adding to that, 2 more chances if you've become a follower.

3....and wait there's will receive 1 more chance for every comment you've left throughout the party until it's final day on Feb. 7th.
4.  If you couldn't participate but want a chance to win, you can do that too....just become a follower to earn 2 chances....just let me know that you are following and want to redeem your 2 chances.

Oh and the giveaway...hmmm.... I promised it would be succulant silver goodness....without actually revealing which one, here's the final hint..... a few more silver treasure for the lucky winner!

Now, on to Season 2!
Starting next Sunday (the second of the month) Silver Sunday will now be a long running monthly get together...EVERY 2nd Sunday of the month we will bring out our silver whether it be tarnished, polished, old, new, heirlooom, aluminum, pewter, glittered, plated or long as it's get creative and get ready to party! You know, not all that glitters is gold!

Thanks to all of you for making Silver Sunday No.1 a  gleaming,  glowing, shimmering success!
See you next Sunday!

Be sure to check out Vintage Black Fridays hosted by the French Cupboard presented by Jill at Gypsy Brocante....every 1st Friday of the month....bring out  your vintage black goodies and party's show stopping fun...!