Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yikes! It's the eiffel tower!

I took a little break from the shop this weekend and helped my bestest friend Jill create center pieces for her daughter's sweet 16. It all started early Saturday morning and ended early Sunday morning. We scurried from store to store....racked our brains and tried to come up with a suitable 16 year old center piece....we had a few they are: "none of that cottagey stuff you guys like", "No vintagey stuff either"...hmmmm this is going to be difficult...
Glitter, glitter and more glitter that's what the girl ordered! So, that's what we did! Oooh la la frenchy french! I think we did it!

Finally, after lots of chocolate, carbs and cold coffee sprinkled with glitter, hours later we finally finished! (the first one) But the rest are just a matter of putting them togetherAhhhhhhh Eiffel tower! Just a word about glitter......I think it's easier to remove sand from your bathing suit than glitter from our nose, eyes, eyebrows, puppy, kids, cereal, pizza, couch, hallway, steps, front porch, neighbors house the list goes on and so does the glitter!
We love you Chloe....your party is gonna rock! Or should I say Roche!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Stuff at Gypsy Fish

Just thought I would share my first flower of spring right from the garden with you...the daffodils woke up early this year!Here a some of the new goodies that arrived at Gypsy Fish today...pretty little chippy dresser all wrapped up in a frenchy blue wallpaper.
...pair it up with this glorious frenchy bed and voila! instant guest room. Just right for that beach know, the one right down the street from mine...

...we also picked up this awesome pair of duo's.....pair of robin's egg blue spindle twin beds and an adorable pair of side tables...yet another instant guest room ensemble......more to come......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Changing Times

This is a bit of a reflective post.....we're undergoing some changes at the shop...hopefully they will all be for the best. Still, it's hard sometimes to accept change when it comes.....Like seasons, things change and we adapt and if we're smart we reflect and take what we need from it all and make the very best of it. So here's my ode to change and the seasons........ So, it's 90 degrees, Summer: hot, muggy, sluggish, buggy, bad the silver lining....pretty pitcher of lemonade, friends around relaxing on the deck or beach, thumbing through magazines, exchanging decorating ideas, crickets and tree frogs, fireflies, summer vacation.....
Spring: Rainy, windy, inconsistent temps., what to wear? sandals or shoes, capris or pants....silver lining: New life, fresh starts, sunlight out of the dulldrums, more daylight, flea markets, garage sales, flowers, flowers and more flowers.....are you beginning to pick up a theme here?

Winter: bitter cold, gray skies, bulky coats when your at the grocery store or trying to drive, no flea markets, no garage sales....silver lining: crisp, quiet snowfall, Christmas, family time, cozy sheets and blankets, "yeah" I can wear my Uggs.

Fall: back to school, raking leaves, allergies, closing up the house, keeping the windows shut....silver lining: back to school, raking leaves, cracking the windows at night for a cool breeze, Halloween, sitting around the fire in the back yard with the kiddles and hubby.........
So, for all life's changes there are silver just have to find 'em.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Foward

We're springing ahead with new hours at Gypsy Fish. More daylight means more time to shop!We'll be extending our hours to 6pm and opening a little later...11am. We've got fresh vintage merchandise and new inspiring displays....Oh I wish you coud smell this thru the's amazing. Brand new Saipua soap is mint....this will surely help you adjust to the time change....mmm mmm good!
New Store Hours
(Starting in April)
Tues: 11-6
Wed: 11-6
Thurs 11-7
Fri: 11-6
Sat: 10-5
Sundays: 11-3
See you there.....think Spring!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chenille Heaven!!!!!!!

Wow! What a find! I stumbled, and I mean stumbled, upon this huge stash of chenille bedspreads at the flea market and thought I was in heaven... I started to dig through a box of ,what I thought was, just old fabric,my toes were numb, my fingers were stinging and I really hadn't found any spectacular treasures today. This was my last stop. ...... Then there they were, just looking up at me feeling discarded and forgotten. I had to get 'em all! springy, so beachy.
Wouldn't they look perfect on pretty painted or white iron matching twin beds?
Where's my beach house with the cottage guest room when I need it?
I trudged back to my car desperately trying to hide my excitement. You know the feeling ...when you have a huge pile of goodies cradled in your arms and as your walking through the paking lot , your trying not to skip and grin like a little kid with a lollipop... play it cool.......

The best of the lot are the two aqua and white matching spreads...they're in perfect condition ! Darn, why didn't I buy a beach house again?

Hope you enjoyed the yummy pics oh, and if this were smell-a-vision, you'd be smelling fresh downy fabric softener...ahhhhhh!