Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big, beautiful, whimsical and right up my ally. Just found a link for a sneak peak at the new anthropologie catalog click here to check it out.   
Top hats, giant chickens and oversized keys.....makes my heart swoon. 
....actually spotting my necklaces ....just added to the surrealism of it all.
I think I'll be spending a lot of time paging through this one making a very looooonnnngggg Christmas list!
Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We'll be hanging on the porch at the
stop by for a visit........
Monday October 25th 6-9pm
food and drinks

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Silver Sunday

Silver Sunday Texas Style
Texas was so inspiring so I thought it apropos to share some lovely Texas silver this month.

I wish I knew who's phenominal work this was....I really wanted to take this home with me....ahhh silver love lost. oyster shells count...not so sure about this one

My sweet gypsy princess swimming in silver.

....oh and for all you Texas gals wondering what Mr. Fish (aka Earl) looks like, here's my silver fox hanging at the flea with me last summer....thanks for joining in and be sure to visit all the other Silver Sunday Sistas donning their fanciful, glitteing silver.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chippy white Texas cement ......
I love how these urns go on and on forever.
But, alas, as much as I  was loving them they weren't exactly carry-on size.
These critters were amazing!

.........not exactly sure what to call this one but she definetly makes a statement.
I'm joining in on White Wednesday this week over at Kathleen's place Faded sure go over and check out all the other wonderful white goodness..... 
......and don't forget to join in on Silver Sunday this to see you there!
~White Wednesday

Monday, October 4, 2010

Texas was certainly grand and nothing less than amazing in fact that my pictures don't do it justice.  I think I was in such awe and culture shock this first night that I just didn't stay behind the lense enough.    I was too busy looking wide-eyed in wonder at all the "real" blogger sisters I was meeting! .....feeling a bit star struck.....
I mean here I was in real time, in Texas during the hight of antique week at Theresa Cano's blog party, staying in a beautiful B& B with Polly and Steve of French Cupboard.....I had to keep pinching myself to be sure it wasn't a dream.These people ARE  real and when I say real they're beautifully down to earth real good folk~
 .....well here's part one the Blog Party! (again my photos are few of this event....I was having waaaay too much fun to stop and take pics....note to self:  you'll regret not stopping to take pictures, make time!)

We flew in to town roamed a bit and got dressed in the parking lot and headed to the party...

sweet gypsy princess....Cori

we hustled our butts off and helped Jill set up for her selling debut
then it was party time....
old friends and new friends...

(me an Polly)

(TOT and  Lauri)
I've got to give a shout out to TOT! You my girlfriend make me laugh!!!!!!!!! and  I'm still snickering......
I wish I had more shots of all the fantastic people I met....glad I got to meet each and everyone of you.
be back soon with more potos...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Howdy Y'all.......we're back and had a hoot!
Still unpacking and plowing through my loads of pictures. But I thought I'd take a little break and share a few pics....Take a gander at these beauties, a vast abundance of drippy, chippy and absolutely fabulous chandeliers!
 Hung and strung anywhere and everywhere you can imagine.....

(B and B where we stayed)

Oh how I wish one (or two or three or) would have fit in my suitcase!
There's so much more to stop back and "set a spell" much more to come....bye y'all.