Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did you ever experience time actually slipping out right from under you?
The times when you look at the clock and swear it spinning out of control and time is speeding by and deadlines are barreling down on you like a stampede of buffalo.  I guess that makes this the season of the raging buffalo, for me that is.
Changing winds have brought forth a spillage of activity that's almost too hard to keep up with. 
The shop is currently under going a few transformations.   Don't worry, we're not going anywhere just adjusting to the changing times. . I'll be gathering together
the best of the best on a seasonal basis by having a grand market with all the bells and whistles
just four times a year. No longer monthly.   Each seasonal market will be a treasure trove full of festivities and gypsy frolic.  
I am happy to meet any of you by appointment anytime, as well. 
Just message me through facebook or via email 
In the mean time.....
 I'll be traveling in true gypsy style to local shows  
 throughout the summer and fall months. You'll be able to find me at Clover Market 
in Ardmore Pa and Chestnut Hill Pa and at the new Brooklyn Flea Market/Philly and possibly a few more along the way! I'll keep you posted on that.
Jill has made a personal decision to pare down her gypsy jaunts and continue to dazzle you with her  trove of treasures on her on-line shop  Elizabeth and Weston.  Go check it out! I'm going to miss her ideas and input at the shop, but family comes first! Maybe we can lure her back for a jewelry class or two...hmmm

In other news. Should you find yourself in Chicago you can find some of my jewelry in a shop owned by Danielle Colby, of American Pickers, called, 4Miles 2Memphis.  I also have a few other projects in the works but that'll be for another time.  Oh boy, there's my white rabbit nudging me along and the hands on the clock are starting to spin agian.  talk to you soon....
PS don't forget Clover Market is this Sunday...hope to see you there!