Saturday, September 25, 2010

Look out Texas here come the Jersey Girls.........

We are outttta here!  Prom dress, check, cowboy boots, check, rosettes, jewelry,gypsy slip, cuff bracelets, plane tickets, beautiful daughter,BFF,check check check!
Bye y'all! See you next week...........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It was a bitter sweet goodbye today as I gathered and packed all the girls to say so long, fairwell,
Auf Wiedersehen........
 After several months of soldering, cleaning, dremmling, glueing and tieing the order is complete and my tiny german girls are headed out(no pun intended)  to the Anthropologie wharehouse.
Anthro. will be offering these sweet little doll heads in their Holiday catalog due out in the end of October.
Can you believe it? Anthropologie....I'm still pinching myself.
 hence my excuse for bad blogging....I know I've been terrible with responding to comments and fresh postings, not that I am one to make excuses, but, I thought maybe in this case, you all would make an exception.....
I've got to say how grateful I am for all the help along the way and give a shout out to my family especially mom and dad who were part of the "chain gang" and yes that pun was intended, without all of their help I couldn't have pulled this off any more smoothly. It's been an amazing learning curve for me and I've learned alot! A little more involved than I ever imagined, from copywriting designs to invoicing big companies....but I will say it was all so worth it!   So there you have adventures in big business...
Now on to the next one MARBURGER FARMS!!!!! Look out Texas....the Jersey Gypsy Girls are headed your way!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

 .......ta da!!!!!
I was so excited when I pulled her name from my top hat!
with 7 chances Deb really stacked the odds in her favor.....
I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for being a loyal Silver Sunday Sista! 
Deb's always there with a delightful comment and has attended I think pretty much every Silver Sunday party since I started it last year....I took a little trip down memory lane and snagged a few of her silver photos.....she's got an amazing flare for the bling.....and she's so darn cute!
 Congratulations Deb! Enjoy your trip to Anthropologie ...thanks for being you and playing along!
I also want to thank all the other Silver Sunday sistas/brothers who drop by donning their silver guys just dazzle me with your twinkling, tarnishd, polished, shimmering, precious, heirloom and found silver finds! Be sure to go congratulate Debra and check out all the other Silver Sunday partiers....
see you at the next party.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

and giveaway reveal...
I picked the winner today....but I can't reveal it until Silver Sunday this check back and play along.....see you then!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Flea Market Friday and VBF and Vintage Inspiration Friday! 
I'm boohoo-ing this week...... just a little.... like baseball season Thursday morning fleamarketing is a seasonal sport for me.
Last week was my final Thursday morning excursion until Spring break 2011.  Thursday's are my favorite day to flea, somewhat peaceful, less crowded  and not so rushed but, alas, I'm now confined to Saturday and Sunday shopping with the masses....ho hum.
Here's some scenes from the final episode.
I bumped into some barn market neighbors....
The Riverton girls were out and about loading up with goodies.
So I piled the granny cart as full as it would go, circled back and picked up a few more things then waved goodbye to some of my favorite vendors....
even though it was a bit sad saying goodbye..... I have to share the most fabulous, better than my last flea market find, spectacular, vintage, black silk top hat.....I don't think it was ever worn just amazing! I am so
inspired by these beauties....what would life be without a little magic and mystery?
Can you believe it two weeks in a row....two top hats?  This happened to me before...I always wanted a silver loving cup champagne holder....didn't find one for years I mean I looked for years! Then one day, poof! I found one and in that same week I found 3 more. Same deal with the top hats....always wanted one, never found one, then poof! 2 in a row....wonder what I should wish for next?
Enjoy your last long weekend of summer....and be sure to check out VBF at the French Cupboard , Kecia's FleaMarket Friday  and  Vintage Inspiration Fridays