Friday, July 27, 2012

1. Update my etsy shop...check! 

....officially crossed this off the to do list for today.....
note to self.....don't list and photograph all in one's almost 5 o'clock!
here's a sneak peek.............

...have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slowing down and finding my Zen...yes that's a little hokey but it's very true.  
I've been a little on the lackluster side of life the past eight months or so.   In the short of it....have a nagging back problem, a stubborness problem, a time management problem and some say a touch of adhd  and let's face it, a  I-like-to-go-to-flea markets-buy-furniture-paint-it-and-sell- it problem.  Well, after countless non surgical remedies I think I am finally faced with the dreaded neurosurgeon appt. and possible fix-it-with- knife solution.  NOT one I'm a fan of nor looking forward to.   But it has forced me to slow down and re-focus my energies.  So since the big STOP lugging furniture and SLOW DOWN speech from my chiropractor I've been hanging in the house, "slowing down".  So.... what have I found since adopting my slow mo. lifestyle?... ANOTHER problem.... hours of unfinished very awesome and creative projects I skipped over because I was running 90 mi. and hour and just simply forgot what I was doing.  So often times I start a project..."oops, need the right paint".... set out to Home Depot to pick up said  paint.... screeched to halt to trash pick a really cool table...then dropped it off at the shop(on my way back from, where was that?) saw something at the shop I need to work on at home.... load it in my car take it home, put it on the porch, go down to the basement see if I have a set of handles to replace the (obvious reason someone threw out the piece to begin with) ugly handles.  Realize I really need to clean this place out and work on the 5 or 6 pieces I have stashed down here...start to rearrange a little....oh yeah, why was I out? what was I doing?.."wow I didn't know I had this", "this would make a great display for my jewelry booth".."oh crap I have a show next week better go see what jewelry stock I have"..".oh isn't this pretty it would look great on a chain" ..ahhhh it could go on like this all summer and then in the fall....back to a classroom full of children (who's young brains I might add work a bit like mine)  So...huge's time to slow down!  Time to methodically and s-l-o-w-l-y bust through those projects laying around. Oh and I do ask for more help when it's a non back-friendly project ( my 17 yr old son rocks! oh and he owes me money).  

I can't believe how just one little change in lifestyle...slowing down...makes a difference.  I think I have gotten more accomplished in the few weeks since I was lectured on the dangers of moving too quickly, then I normally do in this time span.  I've even read 5 father thinks that's more than I read in HS and college put together......(guess he found out about the cliffnotes.) I've sewn several funky pieces of clothing, made some really awesome pillows, took an online frame making class, made 6 or 7 new pieces of jewelry, stenciled some old sacks from the flea market and updated my blog (...but, you already knew that) wow! not so bad for a house bound, flea marketeer on vacation.  

To wrap up this ramble here's the plan.....minimal furniture painting and buying, organize more time to finish art and jewelry projects at home(I decided to make 3-4 things everyday) read  a few good books, enjoy my summer and hang out with my friends, hubby and kids....all back-friendly activities and still productive....who knew that slowing down could mean getting more done?