Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dreary winter weather + bum leg = busy fingers!

I've been working on a couple of projects lately well, actually more than a couple.  
Been getting my creatin" on while sitting on my a@*  nursing a pinched nerve in my leg.  The problem is the more idle my body is the more restless my brain gets. Not to mention the attitude I'm developing against getting old...what the hell...I'm only 46! But my goal is to have this leg up and running by the next Gypsy Market in March so while I sit and wait, in between PT appointments, I have to keep the fingers and brain occupied.  

I've decided to use my time wisely and list as much as I can on etsy and make as much as I can as well.  So many pics so much stuff....and I'm just not feelin' my photography is giving justice to my new pieces.  So the chain thinking began....I had a "light bulb moment"(pun totally intended)...why not build a light box.  Simple enough right?  It was pretty easy especially when Mr. Fish is home(tee hee).  
Well one whole day of building, taping , stapling and photo experimenting....I think I got it!
here's the results...........

What do ya think? I'm feelin' it now,  and with a little more practice it just may become the quality I'm striving for. My next project... check out this tutorial I found on pinterest.
Have a creative week....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Had a little fun this weekend.....

Had a little fun this weekend and stepped out to the Philadelphia Tattoo Show
No, I didn't get one.  But, thousands of other people did.  The isles were buzzing.
The art work was amazing.  I can't imagine drawing and  not be able to have an eraser handy.  There's no messing up here. Creative energy consumed the air and the people I met were down to earth and friendly.   
After cruising the isles and rows of tattoo artist, supplies, jewelry and t-shirts 
we hit the side show.....

really? ....need I say more?
holy fish hooks in the eyes....
don't think I'd do that for $1000,000...
there was quite a bit more to the show but not necessarily in good I'll let you use your imagination. On another note if you're looking for a new "wives" reality show be sure to check up the upcoming  Tattoo Wives.
 Maybe a pair of  matching tats for you and your sweety this weekend?....perhaps.....
Happy Valentines Day!