Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bristley Bottle Brush Love!

"Hi my name is Beth and I'm a bottle brush tree addict" there I said it!

Somewhere, somehow I started a small collection of bottle brush trees, "aren't they sweet?" "look they're featured in Mary Englelbreit's Home Companion" "don't they look cute in a group?" ....and so it began.....
" look I found one on ebay
"look I found one at the flea",
 " oh my found this one at good will", "hey there's wreaths too?",
 "wow I bought 12 today","I can stop really, I can go a whole week without searching for them",
"gosh I better get another tote for them"
"I spent the whole day today looking for bottle brush trees on ebay, forgot to take a shower, feed the kids, get them dressed",
"Holy crap I have how many?"
" I know I can get in and out of the flea before work, I'm only looking for trees",
" What I  have how many?"
"I'll do anything just get me another tree", "I need another tote!"
......get the picture? I guess what they say is true...sometime it only takes one...

Happy VCM sure to check out our party hostess Joan's  blog .


  1. very funny! love that your a bottle brush tree addict! I want to join your silver sundays...don't let me forget. I already have my ideas for the shop for jan/feb...but this will be fun to do on sundays.

  2. I've never seen sooo many bottle brush tree in one place! Beautiful ~ thanks for sharing your treasures. Judi

  3. Ooooohhh so pretty! I adored the Mary Engelbreit Christmas displays. One in particular really caught my attention - the bottle brush trees! And Santa collections. Yours are beautiful, all dusted with snow! Thanks for sharing ~ Angela

  4. Wow no wonder I could not find any in the neighborhood. You must have been visiting. Just kidding. Their great!

  5. I love your bottle brush trees. I'm going to start looking for some.

  6. What a cute post!! I love all of your trees. While I was reading your post I was thinking "that sounds a lot like me" (not for trees but for other vintage goodness!) There is something about the thrill of the hunt.

  7. Very brave of you to admit to such a serious addiction! You've got a great collection. I've only got a few, which were bought when they were very cheap. Love the bottlebrush wreath too. I've got several of those, and it's an addiction in the making for me!
    Happy VCM!

  8. Oh what a fabulous collection of bottle brush trees!!!
    Sending you warmest Vintage Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

  9. Hi Beth, I too am a bottle brush tree addict! You just cannot have too many of these little treasures! Yours are wonderful! Bisous... Julie Marie

  10. For some reason this has become the year that I am crazy over bottle brush trees. It all started with a little pink one that I bought at Hobby Lobby and then another at a little antique shop, then another, and another....well, you know. Then I graduated to bottle brush wreaths.....somebody help me!
    I love your collection. Mine will never get that hear me....never!

  11. that is a great collection! i am wanting a little pink one!


  12. I just love them!!! Not a bad problem to have...being addicted to adorable little Christmas trees :)

    :) T

  13. I love them, too! You have a great collection!

  14. What a sweet collection of bottle brush trees you have. Don't they look great all clustered together??

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

    Blessings to you,


  15. You have taken that first brave step, and I am so proud of you! That is, yes, the biggest collection of bottle brush trees that I've seen! I luv em too!

  16. Funny Post! You even forgot to shower and dress the kids? Hahahahaa!
    Your collection is so neat, just like a little forest with multi-colored trees.
    Have a great day~

  17. Ohh I love bottle brush trees also. I don't have as many as you. I think you are the winner! I'll show mine next Monday.
    Happy Wednesday!

  18. Love your collection. Bottle brush trees and wreaths are two of my favorite collections for Christmas! Squeals of delight come out of my mouth whenever I find any. xo Joan, your hostess.

  19. Cute post. Your trees are darling.
    Thanks for sharing and visiting me.

  20. I just wanted you to know that I featured you in my latest Vintage Christmas Monday recap. xo Joan, your hostess

  21. Ah Ha! You are the reason I am having no success finding bottle brush trees! You have them all!!


  22. I ;have the same addiction. They are irresistable. You have a great collection. I only have a few real vintage ones. the rest are new made to look old. It gets harder to come by them I find.


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