Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Silver Sunday

Welcome to March Silver Sunday!
Lot's  of changes going on this month. Spring is coming, clocks are changing and new adventures are setting forth. My gypsy soul craves change, I can't sit still for too long  so this is the month for me! 
No sooner do I start to dread the cold dreary days of the winter's bleakness when a 60 degree day pops up and sunshine abounds....fresh warming sunshine!
I start to get that know the one I mean , the I gotta redecorate,  I gotta shop , freshen things up get out of the doldrum type of nudgy itch. 
 I've put together a few fresh SILVER gypsy goodies that will surely feed your restless gypsy soul.....I know it helped mine.
......way cool silver and turquoise compliment of my fav store Anthroplogie

sweet gypsy jingles....
Gyspsy chic vintage, silver chair....
Silver gypsy home accents....yum yum yuh me! 
"And now for something completely different!" (In the immortal words of John Cleese).  Check out this design site I ran across in my home accessory search,  it's all things India the colors are bright, bold and so fresh! A little boho, a little Indian a little gypsy....

     Let the changes begin! I'm ready and inspired....have a wonderful Sunny Silver Sunday. 


  1. Hello Beth...

    Oooh...sooo many silver pretties you have given us to feast our eyes upon today! I love, love, Love all that beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry!!!

    Thank you so much for hosting Silver Sunday for us this month! It has been awhile since I have been able to participate in this fun party. I have added a couple of my "silver" posts to your party today...they are fairly recent! I added your party blog button to my sidebar! Thanks again, dear lady!!!

    Warmest spring wishes...
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Hello Beth,
    I am happy that the link opens so early because I have to leave home now for the day. But when I will be back, I will visit you and all the others and leaving my comments. All your shown items are so lovely. Thank you for hosting.
    Greetings, Johanna

  3. Loving the silver and turquoise jewelry and that vintage silver chair.
    Round Top is just a little more than a week away. Will you be coming back to Texas for the spring show?
    ~ Sarah

  4. Hi lovely,

    Thank yopu so much for letting me link up at your gorgeous party! I hope you're having a lovely Silver Sunday!


  5. Love your gypsy inspired pieces LOve love love

  6. Happy Silver Sunday Beth and thanks so much for hosting this fun party. I always love all your pictures but I love that pop of green in the last one. For some reason that particular green keeps popping up and I just found an old wicker shelving unit in that color that I put in the booth. Have a wonderful week. ~ Lynn

  7. You always have such wonderful silver items! I'm planning on building a gypsy caravan someday -lovednthe pics!

  8. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for hosting Silver Sunday, I so enjoy linking up with you when I get the chance to.
    I did remember to set my clocks back but I still over slept..such is life, well my life anyway lol.

    Lovin the silver chair, I was trying to look beyond the picture to see the rest of it. oh and the silver braclet how charming is that.


  9. Lovely silver jewelry...and that chair! Gorgeous! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  10. Hello
    I am so happy to get in on Silver Sunday I have missed it a couple times.

    So glad for spring also and getting my house back in order like you said rearraning and prettying up the place.

    With the time changing I am showing a few of my rhinestone clocks on one of my Many Silver trays


  11. such pretty pieces, love the silver chair! thanks for hosting silver sunday!!

  12. Love the Gypsy wagon. Reminds me of an antique store near where we used to live in Minnesota. They had a Gypsy wagon out front, just to tease us, cause it wasn't for sale. Love the turquoise jewelry as well.

  13. Your new bracelets are AMAZING! You are always inspiring to visit. =) And I couldn't agree more... Let Spring Begin!!

    Blessings... Polly

  14. You are too cute and so is your blog, LOVE all that silver- I just started collecting bits here and there. Just love it.
    Thanks for shaing and happy new followr of yours.

  15. I think I must have the ring. Yes. I must have the ring.


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