Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silver Sunday No. 4

Welcome to Silver Sunday No. 4 can you believe it's 4 already?  To start off I just want to let everyone know that McLinky has proved to be most, don't panic when you see that the list has dissappeared...just use the McLinky link when you do your post....hey, let's try to get to 100 this week. The more the merrier.  Also just a reminder the giveaway is coming up in a few sure to have yourself linked on that day...I'll also be giving you an extra chances if you're a follower as well as participant.
Wait until you see how "succulant" the giveaway is......

Well, back to the post.....
My penchant for aluminum is growing by every flea and auction I attend.  I just love this's so handy and not to mention favorite kind of collection. As I wondered the halls of my house camera in hand looking for a few pieces I realized....I have it everywhere! And I use it all the time.
Notice the aluminum tray....holding all my son's post sugery care items from last summer (broken ankle needed surgery...he's fine now)


another handy dandy tray and conatiner for coffee and if I could just find a tiny hammered creamer.

love this butter dish and the adorable little tray that goes with it....too cute! The designs on these pieces are amazing! The florals make my heart flutter...especially the Rodney Kent tulip desings

The more I think about it, the more I think we really need a hammered aluminum revival!
So sit back and grab a cup of coffee and check out all the othe Silver Sunday goodies!



  1. I love the hammered aluminum. I have pieces I use every day! Love your butter dish.

  2. Hi Gypsy
    Well I love all your aluminium. I think I have a soft spot for the stuff too but really don't have anywhere near enough.. will have to suffice with enjoying your pieces. I love the industrial feel to it and the mottled surface. All your pieces are fab. Particularly the trays. I'll have to go on a search for some myself I think.

    Well i had thought I had followed you last week but seems I hadn't. Silly me, but I fixed that yesterday.... have a great weekend...xx Julie

  3. So pretty! I especially adore the coffee jar with aluminum lid. And the tulip design is geniuous! Have a lovely week ~ Angela

  4. Beautiful pieces and I love how you use them around the house. Love the butter dish too and also the oil and vinegar holder (I think that's what it is). I'll be linking up later today.

  5. Your hammered aluminum is all just gorgeous. It always amazes me that they put such lovely detail into these items. You do have some real treasures. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hi Beth, I added my blog to the mclinky list and messed it up both times. Can you take them off and I'll try again. Thanks...

    I love all your pieces, but I really like the butter dish. Very unique...julie

  7. I love that you are using your hammered aluminum for everyday use. I try to use all of my 'treasures' including, sterling, china, crystal...I just can't see having something I can't bring myself to use...I know many wouldn't think of using their 'best' for everyday, but I want to enjoy it while I am alive, that is why I bought it!

  8. Beautiful hammered aluminum pieces! They are all charming. I love the butter dish cover.

  9. (Shhhh...let's not tell that right now it's afforable!) Love yours and especially the butter dish. Haven't seen one of those before. I am so loving Silver Sundays. Do you think maybe we can continue it maybe once a month? uh....uh? xoxo Lynn

  10. Beth,
    As I love ANY silver, and am loving your aluminum pieces!!! They are all so pretty!
    Happy SS.

  11. What wonderful pieces, Beth!! I too love the hammered effect. I saw a great tray over at Home Goods today and nope it didn't come home with me, LOL

    Egad, Silver Sunday is growing by leaps and bounds . . . so many I don't think I can visit each and every one but I'll try!!

    I'm so excited to show off my latest silver acquisitions but I'll have to wait, as it's still Pink Saturday . . . almost . . .


  12. Betty...that butter dish is adorable! I just love kitchen items from the 30's and 40's!

  13. Oh, does that bring back memories! Thx!!!

    m ^..^

  14. I love the vintage look of hammered aluminum. That butter dish is beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party!

  15. I love to use the hammered aluminum outside in the summer. It holds up well to cold drinks and humidity. And it has a great cottage-y feel to it. You have some wonderful pieces! Thank you for such a fun party!

  16. I have been seeing several pieces of the hammered aluminum pieces in the thrifts lately.
    I've sold some in my booth too. I especially like the trays and if they have handles, the customers love them.
    I love your finds and keep looking because its becoming a hot new old look again.

    Thanks for hosting Silver Sunday. I am loving it.


  17. You have wonderful pieces of hammered collection is very small. I'm finding my pieces while thifting too. In fact I picked up a sugar and creamer today for $1.00. It's not very ornate like your pieces, but I couldn't pass on such a great deal.

    Thanks again for hosting this event, I've so enjoyed seeing everyone's collections. Have you considered extending it into March? {hope so!}

  18. Hi Beth...

    Ohhh...I love all of your aluminum pieces...especially that pretty tulip butter dish! Hmmm...I don't think I have anything aluminum at my place! I may have to remedy that malidy! Hehe!

    Thank you so much for hosting Silver Sunday for us, my friend! I have really enjoyed participating and seeing everyone elses beautiful silver!!!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  19. I Love the Hammered Aluminum, I think I have some of that packed away, guess I will be opening up some boxes this coming week....
    Thanks for Hosting this Fun Event

  20. I really like the oil and vinegar piece!

  21. Your aluminum pieces are great! I like the hammered pieces. I recently returned home from visit at my sister's home. She sent me back with one of our mom's aluminum pieces, a basket for fruit. I'll have to share it one Sunday.
    Thanks for hosting Silver Sundays. It has quickly become another favorite for me. ~ Sarah

  22. I remember a butter dish like that from when I was a kid! I haven't seen one in AGES! Happy Silver Sunday! Charlene

  23. Hi Beth, my goodness, you may have to start Silver Sunday on Friday!!!!
    Oh well, it will be an all day adventure to visit everyone!
    Your silver butter dish is delightful and I like the tray, the red candle is the perfect foil for the silver candlestick!!!
    Thanks for hosting another Silver Sunday!!!
    Margaret B

  24. Your aluminum pieces are very pretty! I especially love the butter dish and the bottle holder. I haven't seen many decorative aluminum pieces here in Germany but I will keep my eyes peeled on the next flea market.

    Wishing you a wonderful Silver Sunday!


  25. Hi Beth! I also love the hammered metal trays although I don't have any. I do have several aluminum items that I hadn't thought about picturing for Silver Sunday before! Your handled tray is especially pretty!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  26. The hammered aluminum is beautiful. I wish I would have linked into this fun! I have enjoyed looking even if I missed out!! Have a great day.

  27. Beth,
    You have some great hammered aluminum pieces. They have such charm to them. I used to have a number of piece, but with a number of moves I guess I let them seeing yours I am sad...guess I'll have my eyes peeled for some new (vintage) ones. Thanks for such a great party!!

  28. Beth,
    That butter dish is so unique!
    And love the little bottle holder.

    Thanks for hosting.
    This is so fun.

    blessings and have a great week

    barbara jean

  29. Oh my goodness, I love all this silver Sunday stuff. I put a couple thing on my blog this week, but I am sorry, I haven't had time to figure out all the linky stuff. I love seeing what every one else has.

  30. Oh great...thnaks so much....(dripping with sarcasm here). Now, there are more beautiful things that I will have to collect....I'm going to be headed towards divorce court since it is going to take my whole house for storage and we will have to buy a travel trailer to live in. Love all your pieces.

  31. My first time linking up this week! I actually need some help because I think I've owned maybe 2 pieces of silver in my life.

  32. I never thought of using my aluminum pieces. I have to dig those out for next weekend. My collection is not as nice as yours..... in fact I may have put them in my lawn sale box. I am so retrieving them. Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  33. Thanks again for hosting another Silver Sunday! What I like very much is that I have things on my cupboard that I am going to get now, and appreciate more! Of course I love what everybody shows too, like your butter dish too, that floral piece, I love it. Happy Silver Sunday!

  34. Beth, I saw a lady buying a silver aluminum ice bucket at the thrift store yesterday, it was so pretty and made me think of you. I wish I would have seen it first! That butter dish is CUTE, you dont see many of those around. Thanks for hosting such a great party.

  35. beautiful pieces! i love aluminum too, but i don't own much. i really love the butter dish, and the condiment holder.
    thanks, again, for hosting silver sunday - love it!

  36. Love the silver tray you used for the medical stuff! Blessings... Polly

  37. So wonderful to see alll of this silver incorporated into you everyday life. It makes each day that much more special and never mind, it looks fabulous as well.
    Enjoy this terrific Silver Sunday, xOxO Nerina

  38. I'm with you on the aluminum....I can't get enough. I'd rather have aluminum and zinc then anything else. It has a simplicity I look for.

  39. Hello
    I am so enjoying SS everyone's posts are so fun. Thanks for hosing this.
    Your aluminum looks great. Haven't gotten into that yet...don't tempt me LOL

  40. Amazing when we look around what we have in our homes. thanks for sharing with us and hosting SIlver Sunday.

  41. This SS is so addicting! I am now need the 12 step program to just go to the bathroom! Thanks so much for stopping by and hoting such a fun party.
    smiles, alice

  42. Hi there! I love your hammered aluminum pieces!! I collect it too. So much easier than silver, because no polishing required. I like pewter too, for the same reason.

  43. I love how you used the tray for coffee time. I may have to borrow that idea! This is my first time for Silver Sunday.

  44. I love your hammered pieces, Beth. I have quite a few too. It seems they are much more collectable - and costly than they were when I first started collecting. I use mine too, all over the house. I especially love the trays. I love your butter dish - really unique and so cute. Have a wonderful new week.

  45. Yowza!! Where do you find all this great stuff??? I went "hunting" today and only came up with a couple of cute teacups. I'm going to have to start a "Teacup Tuesdays" I have so many . I am super green with envy over that tray. Thanks again for hosting.

  46. I have a couple of pieces of hammered aluminum. I just love the simplicity of it. Thank you for sharing these lovelies.

  47. It's funny, but when I think of aluminum all I can think of is soda cans! LOL! Thanks for broadening my horizons and thinking of aluminum in a whole other way!

    I especially like that tulip butter dish . . . it's so cute and unique!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy {Belated} Silver Sunday!


  48. I came back to this post to check to see if my comment was here. I am really bad about clicking on "post comment" and then exiting a blog. There are several like yours that the word verification pops up after I have exited. Apparently, that's what happened last week when I visited. (I almost did it again this week). I'm sure you thought I joined the party and didn't leave a comment. Just wanted you to know what had happened. laurie


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