Monday, January 25, 2010

Revving Up Gypsy Fish Originals

Now, that the brick in mortar is officially "finis" I actually found a little time to make something...boy that felt good.  I was so missing making stuff this past month as I spent all my spare time tearing down the shop, selling and loading the left overs to auction.  Swimming in a sea of boxes, dress forms and bubble wrap I wiggled myself into a little spot in the studio and whipped up a few pieces.

I call this one ..."a Wing and a Prayer" kinda describes my life these days.
Keep checking in with Gypsy Fish Studio where you'll find vintage gypsy goodness and for my handmade pieces I've reopened my "other" etsy shop so check out the new shop Gyspy Fish Originals, well, it's not really new, just neglected for a while...

PS Thanks everyone who has made Silver Sunday so much fun SERIOUSLY it's a blast and never too late to join the party!


  1. I'm glad you have found some time to create....your jewelry is stunning!

  2. Good Morning Beth,
    I know what it is like to dismantle a business, it just wears you out! I'm glad that you had some time to create such lovely pieces. The wing and prayer is gorgeous.

    Silver Sunday has been a real hit. It has been fun for me since silver is one of my new best colors!


  3. I love your "Wing and a Prayer" piece and your Etsy page. You are one busy person. The ice bucket is similar to the one I have. Mine has a dent in it from an small earthquake my husband and I were in while living in Mexico.
    Really enjoying your blog!
    Ladybug Creek

  4. Beth, happy to hear you are having some time to create more pieces. Your work is wonderful. Thanks again for hosting Silver Sunday. I hope you continue this fun meme after Feb. 7. Looks like it is a hit!
    See you next Sunday.....Sarah

  5. I love the bottle dressing. You are very creative and talented, beautiful work! See you next Sunday!

  6. Beautiful creations! You can't leave the artistic side dormant too long. It's gotta' come through!

  7. Beautiful necklaces and decorative bottle. A wing and a prayer -- that's how I feel most days are. Creating always bring such joy. Blessings, Tammy

  8. Just found your blog and am crazy about your name, Gypsy Fish. Lovely things you have. Sea Witch

  9. Hi Beth,

    Great new jewelry. Creating beautiful things is such wonderful therapy.

    Second Hand Chicks


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