Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Silver Sunday

Silver Sunday's and the Silver Screen.........
....time to let you all in on a little secret...I love cold winter mornings.  What? you say how can that be? 
Well, Turner Classic Movie channel is why.  Nothing is nicer to me than curling up super early on a cold winter Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and catching a good old Black and White.
Sets me soaring to tackle the bleakness of a winters day.
Although I'll watch just about anything on the classic movie channel and anything Jimmy Stuart here a few of my all time favorites. Some absolute classics and some not so much.  A strange collection yes, but then again consider the source.
Can't even count the number of times I have watched this one. Love it love it love it!
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Is there anything more beautiful than these two riding through he rugged hills of Wyoming? Seriously?
The Secret of Rhoan Inish
This is a little known film.  Sweet Irish folk tale of the secret of the Selkie. Check it out when you can.
Labyrinth of my all time favorites for escaping into a fantasy world to gather up inspiration. A collaboration of: Terry Jones(Monty Python), George Lucas, Wendy and Brian Froud, Jim Henson's Creature shop and then starring David Bowie....just can't be topped.
Practical Magic
.....and of course my fav. of all time. Everyone needs a little practical magic in their lives...don't ya think?
Well that's it for my favorite Silver Screen edition of Silver Sunday.  Be sure to check out all the other silver sistas...see you next month.


  1. Love that Butch Cassidy movie too! Great post-thanks for letting me join in!

  2. I absolutely adore these films too. What good taste you have!!

    Thank you so much for hosting.


  3. I love old black and white films and I'm with you anything with Jimmy Stewart! Great Silver Sunday post!

  4. great post! labyrinth was one of my favorite movies, but i had forgotten all about it!
    love practical magic too...

  5. Thanks for hosting a lovely blog party. I hope to join more in 2011. Happy New Year!
    ~ Julie

  6. Hi Beth! Hope you're off to a good start this new year. There were a couple of your movies I need to check out. Have a great Sunday,
    big hugs,

  7. You have some of my very FAVORITE movies listed in your post, I own Secret of Roan Inish...another fav is Shipping yummy in the morning with a hot cup of mocha coffee!!!

  8. Beth, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ~ oh what a great movie. I'm going to check out Secret of Roan Inish. Great idea for cold winter mornings.
    Thanks for hosting. Hope all is good at Gypsy Fish Journal. ~ Sarah

  9. Hello Beth,
    all those movies look very interesting, although I don't know even one of them. Thanks for hosting this nice Silver Sunday event.
    Have a nice time,Johanna

  10. All of my children were sung to sleep by me, with the folk song Silkie(Joan Baez). The tale of a Scottish sea creature who fathered an earthly child. The melodic, woeful tune is haunting. My grandchildren love it still...


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