Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorry So Late Silver Sunday

You must be thinking that the "lazy days" of Summer are catching up with me.  But.....they're was actually an "early bird catches the worm" kinda although I was early at the flea market and late on Silver Sunday posting, I think you'll see it was all well worth it.
I found a huge lot in a box this morning...all for a mere $40....can you believe it?  
Here's a few highlights from the bunch....
....a sweet little creamer lined  with enamel. 
....a topless sugar bowl with a "B" on it.  I think I 'm starting to come down with  "keep-it-itis" again.

How 'bout this little surprise a "July 1929" loving cup.  I'm already decorating for next year thinking my little vintage American flags would love to live here. 
Hope you've enjoyed my early catch of the day....have a wonderful week.
PS I'm also joining in with Show and  Tell Friday...all be it a little there's some great stuff over there....go check it out.


  1. Amazing silver finds ... gotta keep the cup with the "B" on it!! Not only because it's your initial, but also as a reminder to yourself every time you look at it that you are "The 'B'est !!"

    Happy SS sistah!

  2. Well worth the early rise. My mom's birthday is July 14, 1929! I agree with Jill, you deserve to keep a little somethin' somethin' for yourself.

  3. Nice haul! I really like the little creamer.

  4. Hello,
    nice silver finds. I have one sugar creamer set with the same pattern as your creamer. It is made in Japan. Love all the other finds, too.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. what an amazing find!! that loving cup is fabulous.

  6. Fabulous finds! Glad you were the early bird. I'd want to keep each piece. ~ Sarah

  7. What a box of treasures!!I have keepititis all the time and Susanne My gran was a July 14th baby as well but in 1905.

  8. ohhhhh that loving cup would definitely give me a case of keepitis! You found some great treasures... that B monogram is fantastic also! t. xoxoox

  9. Oh, please keep the loving cup for yourself..they are so hard to come by anymore,
    and your flags will be perfect in it!!

  10. What great finds! I haven't really been out anywhere to find stuff-too much to get rid of! Thanks for letting me join!


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